What’s in a Voice?

What’s in a Voice?

What’s in a voice? A new parent’s extreme exhaustion built up over the last 6 months when they haven’t slept for more than 3 hours on a trot….

Numb, inexplicable grief following losing a loved one…..

Sheer yelping joy and excitement when you get that job…..

Warm, comforting love when you fall over and graze your knee and mum is there to pick you up and wipe your tears…..

There is so much in the human voice.

It is a powerful, incredible, irreplaceable instrument. Described by Henry Wandsworth as “the organ to the soul”, it reveals a person’s raw emotional and physical state and is also capable of evoking intense emotion in others.

An angry voice, can frighten the life out of you. A silly voice, make you laugh hysterically. An engaging voice, make you believe. And a dull voice, bore you senseless. Yup. A. Dull. Voice. Will. Bore. You. Senseless. FACT.

I remember loving watching cricket on Saturday afternoons when I’d been out the night before, not because I enjoyed (or understood) cricket but because the commentary was so monotone and the voices so calm that it always lulled me to sleep!

As with any instrument, the voice has to be trained, maintained and nurtured to function  optimally, to engage an audience and provoke reactions especially when used in staged environments such as a live presentation or for a voiceover.

But it’s just talking into a microphone, right? Anyone can do that!

Wrong. A voiceover is not just about “talking into a microphone”. A voiceover is about transforming even the most rigid, dry script into a living, emotional being. It’s about reading between the lines, interpreting meanings and messages and getting them across to the relevant audience in a natural and believable manner.

It’s about sitting down for a cup of tea with 65 yr old Mary to tell her how her insurance policy works, or meeting 30 yr old Brett in a bar and giving him details about the latest trends in biking gear.

It’s about taking potential buyers on a guided tour of what could be their possible new home and bringing each nook and cranny of the property alive, or being the co-passenger in a car and warning the driver about the perils of using a mobile phone while on the road.

If you’d like your video or presentation to be brought alive by an experienced, warm, reassuring, female British voice, then contact me  today for more information.