If You Need a Voiceover then Hire a Pro

If You Need a Voiceover then Hire a Pro

If you’re going to hire a voiceover artist/actor, then hire a pro. One who has invested and continues to invest in:

  • Sound proofing and studio conditioning
  • Equipment
  • Training, training and more training

And one who has enough experience and client etiquette to provide a rounded, efficient and impeccable service.

In today’s market, and more so since the pandemic, there are thousands of amateur VOs offering their services for peanuts. Just to earn that extra buck, they have awful recording conditions, worse skills and produce very poor quality work. This costs clients way more money than directly choosing that pro.

Considering me for a job? Above and below are some shots of my sound isolated studio and recording equipment guaranteeing extremely high quality voiceovers.

I’m also continuously working on my performance technique and skills, undergoing training with America’s finest VO coach, Nancy Wolfson and breath awareness and accent coaching with Nicola Redman.

Spend your money or your company’s money wisely and hire a pro. Don’t go for the “cheaper” alternative to save money. In the long run, you’ll lose out and the experience won’t be one you’ll want to repeat.

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