English Voice Over Artists Have A Universal Appeal

English voice over services are perhaps the most sought-after in the corporate world. The growth and development of the internet means businesses increasingly deal with customers globally, not solely in their home country. Although it’s estimated that there are around 6,500 different languages spoken in the world today, 20% of the world’s population – a massive 1.5 billion people – speak English. And of the 195 countries worldwide, 67 have English as their official, primary language, with 27 having English as their official second language. It’s no wonder, then, that many companies across the world choose to have an English voice over services for their promotional material.

Choosing The Right English Accent For Voice Over Work

One more statistic for you: it’s also been calculated that over 50% of the internet’s pages are written in English. So, no matter where in the world you’re based, if you have an international reach, or aim to do so, English is the way to go when planning corporate videos, advertising, or instructional material. Having said that, what type of English speaker should you be looking for? That depends on your target audience. If you want to communicate worldwide, on a web-based video for instance, then it’s a good idea to opt for an English voice over professional with a middle range British or American accent. And if you know for a fact that many of your potential customers or audience members will have English as a second language, you are looking for voice over English that is clear, crisp, and well enunciated. That way, the majority of your target market will be able to understand the words spoken.

What Else Should You Aim For When Booking English Voice Over Services?

Of course, you want to reach a specific set of people, and as part of your marketing efforts, you’ll have identified that demographic. So, if you’re a business operating in a specific, local, geographical market in the UK, a regional accent that matches your potential customers’ own accents might be a good idea. Say the video you’re creating is primarily for children – then you might want a vibrant, cheerful, and friendly voice. Perhaps your target audience is women aged 25 to 40. In this scenario, the English voice over services you’re planning to use might be a female, with an upbeat, warm, and confident tone. One of the clues to picking the right individual for your specific requirements is to look at each voice artist’s existing client list, to see if they have worked in an area of an industry or audience type similar to your own.

Lucy Brown Voiceovers – For Professional, Efficient And Friendly English Voice Over Services

If you’re aiming to reach a global audience, English is a great language for corporate videos, product launch videos, audiobooks, eLearning and much more. Recording material in English improves accessibility. It’s vital, though, to get the ‘right’ English voice over; even more so if your target market includes people with English as a second language. For clear, understandable tones, look no further than, Lucy Brown Voiceovers. As native English speaker who speaks Spanish fluently, I understand the nuances of communicating with people for whom English is not a primary language. I can bring your scripts to life without any loss of clarity. Read more about my experience, clients, and skills on my website at https://www.lucycbrown.com, then contact me via phone at 0034 95121 75 22 or email at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you!