Professional Voice Over: Choosing The Right Voice Over Talent For Your Project

Professional voice over work is very sought after in today’s world. With so much of our news and content being consumed via video and audio, it’s important for organisations to utilise these formats to deliver messages about their brand and identity. A huge part of the success of any message you send to potential clients, customers, or supporters via these formats is the person who speaks your words. Voice over services often provide the talent for such projects. But how do you decide on the type of company or voice over artist for your project?

Professional Voice OverChoosing Your Voice Over Artist

The main thing that matters in selecting the right voice over is whether or not it fits with your material and your brand. This is something that professional voice over services are able to cater for and the best voice actors are able to adapt to any situation. Any voice artist that you chose must sound like an expert – even when they know little or nothing about the subject matter. They must understand the mood and capture the right emotions that suit the message you are trying to send to your audience. In order to do that, it’s likely that you’re going to have to listen to a lot of voice samples from a variety of professional voice over talent. That’s a lot of work. But just as with CVs, it is important to choose the things that matter most in these voice samples. By doing so, you can cut down the work in trying to select the right voice for the job. One such method is listening to the sound quality of the demos. Is the sound good? Is the voice over clear? If not, look elsewhere. Another method is to listen past the words they are saying and listen to the rhythm of the voice. Does their voice flow? Or is it stilted? Prior professional voice over experience is also important. Look at the people they have worked with – do you recognise the brands or the companies? If not, then there’s no shortage of talent who have been trusted to voice big brands.

But Do I Really Need A Voice Over Video For My Project?

When it comes to requiring an audio voice over, we tend to almost always think of hiring a professional. As the person’s voice is the only thing that is communicating your message, the quality of that voice matters. However, when the project relates to video, some people think that the voice over becomes less important than the visuals and, as such, time and money can be saved by using their own voices. But that’s a big mistake. No matter how flashy your video appears to viewers, they may end up completely distracted by the ‘off’ voice over. While you may have a great voice, you likely don’t have the experience or knowledge to know how to put together a good voice package. Voice over artists spend hundreds and thousands of hours recording voice for video – videos that are likely to be similar to your project. This experience is invaluable. Experienced voice actors also use professional audio equipment and approaches – ensuring that the voice over sounds flawless. Additionally, if you’re looking to create multiple videos, their consistent performance will give your brand a familiar voice that your audience can recognise and associate with your organisation or project. Lastly, voice actors offer you range and flexibility. They’re not just good at delivering lines in one way – they can deliver emotion, feeling, and authenticity. These are just some of the things that professional voice over video work can offer you over any other voice over efforts.

What Language Should Your Freelance Voice Over Artist Speak?

In our increasingly connected world, there’s a need for your advertising and marketing materials to be understandable to a large group of people. But what really matters is your target audience – who are you trying to attract? What languages are they likely to speak? These questions will dictate what type of freelance voice over artist that you look to hire. For example, are you marketing to an exclusively French market? Or is your market bilingual? In today’s world, Spanish and English speakers are often found living within the same environment. For example, in America, this trend continues to rise. But this also applies to Spanish companies who are looking to take their products and services to a global, English-speaking audience. One solution is to hire separate voice over artists for each language that you’re looking to target. However, this can affect the continuity of your branding and create slight differences in meaning and mood. There are voice artists out there who can speak, for example, both Spanish and English. This helps for interpreting and understanding a script, especially one that was originally written in Spanish and translated to English. A voice actor who can speak both Spanish and English can ensure that the message is not lost in translation and that the English script is fluid and grammatically correct. This is exactly what you get with Lucy Brown Voiceovers.

Lucy Brown Voiceovers Makes Professional Voice Over Recordings Sound Fantastic

Genuine, flexible, warm, and friendly – these are just some of the words that my clients have used to describe my voice. But, above all, I value professionalism and the ability to deliver great recordings for commercial, corporate, charity, and narration purposes. And I do it all under your direction. Whatever you’re looking for or need from a project – whether it’s intensity for a high impact advert, or a tender voice for a children’s book – I’ll make every professional voice over sound the way you want it to sound. To find out more about how Lucy Brown Voiceovers can help boost your message or project, just visit, email [email protected] or leave your details on my contact form.