Hello! I'm Lucy Brown - a highly experienced British Voiceover Artist with a genuine, reassuring, classy, natural, distinct and playful voice. I'm efficient, proactive and fun to work with and always reach deadlines. I connect with clients and studios around the globe and take great pride in providing a genuinely sound service.


Client Feedback

  • "Top notch work"

    Lucy was fantastic to work with! Her responsiveness and communication were perfect, she was friendly and thoughtful, and her work was top notch. Highly recommend!

    Christine C – USA

  • "Brilliant performances every time"

    I've worked with Lucy over numerous Voice over projects and she has delivered brilliant performances every time.The process is always friendly, professional, creative and importantly efficient. Thanks Lucy!"

    Matthew R – UK

    Co-director — WE ARE INVITE

  • Lucy’s voice is our clients' first impression of Abney & Baker and her ability to convey both warmth and professionalism through her voice sets her apart from her competitors. She is always quick to grasp what we need and then very clear on delivery timelines so that we’re always confident we’ll get exactly what we expected, when we expect it. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lucy.

    Ian Willis – UK

    Director — Abney & Baker

  • Lucy is a pleasure to work with: always communicating effectively and efficiently with the team and managing time expectations with great accuracy. Lucy is one of our favourite freelancers for both her unrelenting professionalism and thorough understanding of specific needs for each and every project.

    Jack Reynolds – UK

    Commercial Manager — AnyVan UK

  • Once our team heard Lucy everybody fell in love. She has a GREAT work ethic! Studio quality is great, talent is great (she gets into the part) her voice is amazing.

    Brandon – Germany

    Director — SCAD Media

  • Pleasure to work with the wonderfully professional and agile Lucy. Brilliant voice and great taking on board direction and any changes needed. Would highly recommend!

    Kerry Aldam – UK

    Assistant Producer — TopLine Comms

  • Lucy is a legend! I've worked with her almost exclusively for my British accented voice over needs, and she's never been less than amazing.

    Jonan Grobler – South Africa

    Director — Wilderbeast

  • Whether sensitive or topical tasks, Lucy approaches each one enthusiastically. She grasps understanding of who the client is and what message they're wanting to convey. She exceeds deadlines, is very good at taking direction and her work is of a consistently high standard. Lucy is reliable, friendly and always willing to go above and beyond.

    Joe Hopkins – UK

    Account Manager — Rocket Creative

  • Lucy is professional, thorough and has a great voice. Highly recommended! Thanks Lucy, keep up the great work.

    Nikki Davis – UK

    Partner & Creative Director — Pointed Pixel

  • Lucy is wonderful to work with. We have worked with her a few times and would highly recommend for her flexibility, professionalism and respect for time and process.

    Tre Azam – UK

    Entrepreneur — MyndPlay


Pro Home Studio

DemVox sound isolation booth. Shure SM7B Mic plus Fethead, Audient iD14 interface, Adobe Audition.

Efficient Communication

I respond swiftly to all enquiries. You can contact me via email, telephone, WhatsApp, Skype.

Worldwide Connection

Connect with me via Clean Feed, Zoom, Skype, ipDTL, Source Connect Now.

Meeting Deadlines

I’m not superhuman, but I haven’t missed a deadline yet. Transparent communication with clients is key to ensure no-one is disappointed.

Digital Delivery

Via email (when file size permits), WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP.

Script Proofing

I’m an experienced copywriter with a keen eye and can proof and edit scripts where needed.


I grew up in a beautiful but very small village in Oxfordshire, England and spent most of my teen years trying to escape to the City. I managed this at 16 but my sights were still on something bigger.......