British Female Voice Over Services For Corporate Videos Promote Business Effectively

British female voice over services can be used for a whole host of purposes, from narrating adverts on TV and radio to recording audiobooks or eLearning modules. But one of the prime roles nowadays for voice over artists is the corporate video. But why have these become so popular and what are the advantages? In this short article, we look at a few of the reasons why a corporate video can enhance sales externally, build your reputation and trust in your company, and raise your profile online. And professional voice over services additionally contribute positively to the end result by ensuring those videos are clear, concise, and accessible.

British Female Voice OverWhy A Professionally Produced Video With A Voice Over Helps Sell

A well-made corporate video lets potential customers know that they are dealing with other human beings. The old saying is that people buy from people. These days, when business is increasingly being conducted over the internet, there’s a tendency to feel removed from the process, that it’s a sterile transaction. But a business video introduces your customer to your company, so the relationship feels more personal. That inspires confidence and trust, increasing the likelihood of them buying from you. And the right male or female voice over talent can help you portray exactly what your corporate values are, whether that’s emphasising the security and solidity of your brand and products or the positivity, warmth, and friendliness of your customer service. A British female voice over, for instance, is often seen as trustworthy, soothing, compassionate, understanding, and non-threatening. Those qualities can make the hearer feel more comfortable listening and therefore instil trust.

Videos With A British Voice Over Help Expand Your Reach Online

Most companies today have a website, whether they operate locally, across the UK, or even into the worldwide market. E-commerce increases annually, with over 87% of Britons having bought online at least once in 2017/18. English is still the number one global language of business, with one in four people worldwide able to understand it. So, employing a British voice over simply makes sound business sense, even if English isn’t necessarily your target market’s first language. A native English speaker with a talent for voice over work can help sell your marketing messages clearly to greater audiences, whatever their English level. The rise of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with video hosting sites such as YouTube means company videos can be posted, giving free advertising; well-made ones can be easily shared by customers, some even going viral. If you want a UK female voice over talent, then always choose one that who understands the potential of corporate videos and can deliver these benefits and more.

Harness The Power Of Corporate Videos With A British Female Voice Over From Lucy Brown Voiceovers

There’s no doubt that a good corporate video will enhance the reach and performance of your business, and if you would like a British female voice over from an experienced hand, contact me at Lucy Brown Voiceovers. My voice has been described by my many clients as being warm, genuine, clear, reassuring, and friendly, and I can use it to help you build the trust of new and existing customers in your company, your products or your services. Discover more about my background and just a few of my recent projects on my website at If you’d like to discuss a voice over for a video, an advert, a podcast, an audiobook or more, email me at [email protected] or via the website’s contact form. I’d love to work with you!